Promo Codes

Corporate Names 10% Promo Codes 15% Promo Codes 20% Promo Codes
Pubali Bank Limited BGPUB10 N/A BGPUB20
Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited BGAIB10 N/A BGAIB20
Brac Bank Limited BGBBL10 N/A BGBBL20
City Bank Limited BGCBL10 N/A BGCBL20
City Bank Limited(CITYGEM) BGGEM10 BGGEM15 N/A
Commercial Bank Of Ceylon BGCBC10 N/A BGCBC20
Dhaka Bank Limited BGDBL10 N/A BGDBL20
Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited BGDBB10 N/A BGDBB20
Eastern Bank Limited BGEBL10 N/A BGEBL20
Grameen BGSTR10 N/A BGSTR20
Jamuna Bank Limited BGJBL10 N/A BGJBL20
Lanka Bangla Finance BGLBF10 N/A BGLBF20
Meghna Bank Ltd BGMGL10 N/A BGMGL20
Mercantile Bank Limited BGMCB10 N/A BGMCB20
Midland Bank Ltd BGMDB10 N/A BGMDB20
Modhumoti Bank Limited BGMBL10 N/A BGMBL20
Mutual Trust Bank Limited BGMTB10 N/A BGMTB20
National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited BGNCC10 N/A BGNCC20
NRB Bank Limited BGNRL10 N/A BGNRL20
NRB Global Bank Limited BGNRB10 N/A BGNRB20
Robi Axiata Limited BGRAL10 N/A BGRAL20
Prime Bank Ltd BGPRB10 N/A BGPRB20
Standard Bank Limited BGSBL10 N/A BGSBL20
Standard Chartered Bank Limited BGSC10 N/A BGSC20
Trust Bank Limited BGTBL10 N/A BGTBL20
The Primer Bank Ltd BGPBL10 N/A BGPBL20
The Shimanto Bank Limited BGSMB10 N/A BGSMB20
United Commercial Bank BGUCB10 N/A BGUCB20

Promo Codes & Discounts - Terms & Conditions

    1. One Promo Code can be used for maximum number of 4 tickets.
    2. Promo Codes are used for both international and domestic route.
    3. 10% Discount on all system base fares ( economy & business ) for all domestic ( Domestic base fare will be minimum 2500 BDT one way & 5000 BDT, return )
      and international sector ex-Bangladesh
    4. 20% discount on business class base fares for flights. Ex - Bangladesh to MCT/DOH/KWI/DMM.
    5. Discounted Fare will not be offered in EMI.
    6. Promo codes are applicable for only Dhaka originated flights.
    7. In case of date change, regular fare and date change fee will be applicable accordingly.
    8. Different organization holds different Promo Codes.
    9. Misuse of the promo codes is strictly prohibited and punishable.
    10. Promo Codes will be sent through SMS if you are eligible for the code.
    11. In Payment Gateway you have use Promo code of the concerned bank of your credit/debit card to be used.
    12. Refund will be transfer within 30 days after request submission with proper documents, according to the IATA rules.